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What are Coaching Programs?

Coaching programs are designed to help the couple and the family deal with the challenges and problems of the moment. Coaching programs develop solutions and plan actions that create positive results that lead to all family members thriving spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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Pre-marriage, Family & Step-family Coaching

The Pre-Marriage Coaching program assists the couple in getting their marriage started in a healthy and constructive manner that helps the individuals to grow closer and develop the intimacy that is at the core of the sweetness of marriage. Pre-Marriage coaching is led by Rev. Rich and Patty at The ACT II Interfaith Center exclusively with an individual couple. In the private confidentiality of this setting, any issues that may pose obstacles to the growth of the relationship may be discussed and set on a course of resolution. Rev. Rich and Patty, both members of the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors strongly recommend a pre-marriage coaching retreat.

The Step-family Coaching Program is extremely valuable for the couple who are bringing children born out of previous relationship into the marriage. Step-families are quite different than nuclear families, and “Brady Bunch” concepts seldom result in positive outcomes. The rules are different and what may seem to be “common sense” frequently does not work out for the step-family. This coaching program for both the biological and step-parent is extremely valuable and is conducted in private retreat with Rev. Rich and Patty.

The Relationship, Family and Step-family Coaching Programs also serve as ongoing support for those who have been coached and married through the ACT II Interfaith program. It is available as well to others who feel that they would benefit from the coaching program. The coaching program deals in an on-going fashion with all the issues that are addressed in the Pre-Marital Coaching Program as well other issues of adult developmental stages and normal life cycle events from child-birth to retirement and aging.

What People Are Saying!

“Ben and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed this past weekend. We learned a lot about each other and took away new tools and understandings that will help us build a strong marriage. Fondly,” Chrisie and Ben B. (Virginia Beach).

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